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Candice Honeybone is the owner and head florist at Honeybloom Florals, a business that represents three generations of passion and dedication to the art of floristry.

From a young age, Candice was surrounded by the beauty and magic of flowers, wiring daisies under her mother’s studio table as she created breathtaking arrangements for her clients. Candice has continued the family tradition, using her love of blooms to transform spaces and bring joy to her clients.

When she’s not immersed in the world of flowers, Candice can be found enjoying the beauty of her home in Dunsborough, Western Australia, with her husband Michael and their two boys, Zen and Koa.

Candice has a true gift for creating truly unique and magical floral designs. Whether you need stunning bouquets for your wedding, breathtaking arrangements for a special event, or simply want to bring a touch of whimsy and romance to your everyday life, Candice has the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life.

Let Candice’s passion for flowers and her romantic, whimsical style transport you to a world of beauty and enchantment. Contact Honeybloom Florals today to start bringing your floral dreams to life.


Queenstown, Tasmania

02 travelling australia

While we might be isolated here in Australia, we have a stunning array of different sights and places to experience, with a taste of each extreme – the blistering heat of the Kimberley, or the snowy mountains of Threadbo. I love travelling with my husband and kids and showing them the beauty of the ancient, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lands.

04 george the cavoodle

The anchor of our home, George, is our favourite furry family member and a constant companion in our adventures. You can find him sleeping under the arrangement table or playing with the kids in the front yard. 

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Beautiful beach to sea and horizon view, WA, Australia

o1 long beach days

There is nothing I enjoy more than spending the day at one of the many stunning beaches of the south west cape with my family. Crystal blue waters, jaggad rocks and endless waves are enticing to even the most water-averse people! There is a reason why so many weddings and events are held in this beautiful region of the world. 

03 family time

My husband Mike and our two kids, Zen and Koa are the light of my life and my inspiration for Honeybloom Florals. On the slow days, we like to laze around the house, swim in the pool and catch up with friends and family for Sunday afternoon barbeques.

05 pottering in the studio

I was fortunate enough to build my studio in my seaside home in Dunsborough where myself, my staff and my little pooch George plan, prepare and put together all of our arrangements for the day.

meet the

Honeybloom Team


Rigger + Muscle Man

Have a dream for a larger than life floral installation? If you can dream it, we can do it. As a qualified electrician and self-professed handyman, Mike manages our installations and can be found up in the roof somewhere, working hard to ensure your vision is coming to life (and light)!


senior florist

Sharon is a senior florist who has created floral design and installations for over 30+ years. With extensive experience working for large floral wholesalers, Sharon is an expert and selecting and designing florals that will suit your thematic dreams with the knowledge of seasonal and climatic considerations.


Junior Florist

Passionate about creating all things beautiful. Isla is our little lady that runs at our feet collection flowers for all the senior florists on ladders that are creating installations. She is also a perfect rose reflexor and we cherish her here at Honeybloom.

Our Process


Gathering your inspiration for your wedding or event is important so the team can execute your vision to your expectations. However, if you have no idea in mind, we are always happy to work with you to create a vision that will be unique, timeless and bespoke. 


initial meeting

After receiving your enquiry, an initial meeting will take place to get a deeper understanding of your requirements and discuss aspects such as style, venues, budget and set-up requirements. Each client has a portal log in to access important documents such as invoices or contracts.

final touches

We will be in contact throughout the duration of your event planning, however when your event is approaching we will touch base to ensure that everything is going smoothly and amend any needed changes. 

install + set up

The day has arrived! The team will install and set-up the arrangements as agreed, ready for your stunning event.

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